The establishment of the Armenian state under the patronage of Russia as well as the resettlement of Armenians from Turkey and Iran to the lands occupied by Russia was in no way by accident. It resulted from the Russian-Armenian relations that were developed not only in trade, as stated in the Russian and Armenian history, but also in the hostile attitude towards the East Muslim states, especially Turkey and since the 18th century -Azerbaijan.

“The Soviet Republic of Armenia was built to become a new Armenian homeland”

Tomas de Vaal

The nineteenth-century city acquired a more Armenian character as the Russians settled thousands ofnew Armenian immigrants from Turkey and Persia there, but even in the 1870s, Yerevan had only around twelve thousand inhabitants. It was far smaller than Shusha, and Ar­menian migrant workers were far more likely to seek their fortunes in Baku. (Lourie, Yerevan’s Phenomenon, p. 177-178).

Scholars denounced the Armenian falsehood

Although Armenians, who realized their wills under the patronage of Russia, were not the local inhabitants of the Caucasus, they did all tricks and intrigues in order to settle in this ancient and rich territory.