Solmaz Rustamova-Tohidi: “It is not the right time to make a political decision on the 1918 massacres due to the Soviet occupation of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic”



Doctor of historical sciences Prof. Solmaz Rustamova-Tohidi is the chief scientific staff of the Ziya Bunyadov Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. She authors several books related to the 1918 genocide, including “Baku, March 1918. Azerbaijani genocides in documents”, “Guba. March-April, 1918. Muslim massacres in documents”, a photo-album titled “1918. Azerbaijani massacres in photos and documents”.

Nazim Mustafa: “Both during the genocide in 1918 and I Garabakh War Armenians attacked from the same directions.”

Nazim MustafaNazim Mustafa, a PhD in History and the chief of Department of the President Library, a resaerch fellow at the Institute of History of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. As one of the authors of the series publications on Garabagh, Nakhchivan and Irevan khanates, he was awarded to the Azerbaijan State Award. He is one of the main researchers of the 1905-1906 genocide-realted issues.