Children of War

Portal and Azerbaijan Photographers Union present online photo album “Children of War”! The photos depict lives of internally displaced and refugee children expelled from their homes as a result of armed aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan. The album includes photos by Mirnaib Hasanoglu, Ilgar Jafarov, Vugar Ibadov, Elnur Babayev, Oleg Litvin and Shahveled Ayvazov.

Mirnaib Hasanoglu
Photographer: Mirnaib Hasanoglu

From the series of “Shusha is the city of corps”


Photographer: Yuliya Vishnevetskaya

Yuliya visnevestkaya

Yuliya Vishnevetskaya graduated from Philology faculty of Moscow State University, her major was german language and literature. She worked as a translator in and vesti new agencies for a long time. Meanwhile, she functioned as a photo correspondent in website. Yuliya wrote reviews and articles for “Ekspert” magazine.
Yuliya has been working as a correspondent of “Russkiy reportyor” magazine since 2007. She took the album “Shusha is the city of corps” in 2005.



Victims of Armenian aggression

Photgrapher: Oleg Litvin 


Oleg Litvin was born in 1936 in Baku and graduated Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. He worked as a photo-reporter in TACC, Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union between 1973 and 1990. Later he cooperated with GAMMA, Reuters, and AP news agencies. Oleg Litvin is the laureate of “Humay” prize. Currently, he works as a freelance photographer in the Russian Federation.

Mirnaib Hasanoghly – from the series of IDPs

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mirnaib Hasanoghly 
Mirnaib HasanogluMirnaib Hasanoghly was born in Ganja in 1962.  He graduated the Azerbaijan State Culture and Art University in 1989. Mirnaib has been working as a professional photographer since 1982. He is one of the authors of the books “Zarifa khanum Aliyeva”, “Azerbaijan”, “Azerbaijan Refugees”, “Two Photo-Talks on a Tragedy ” and Books about Khojaly.  He is thw winner of “What is Khnolith”, “Free  Person”, “Price water house”  and other photo contests. Mirnaib Hasanoghly is the chairman of the Photographers’ Union of Azerbaijan since 2011.


“School Bell”

Erməni silahlı birləşmələri tərəfindən dağıdılmış Laçın orta məktəb binası.1992-ci il. Foto: İlqar Cəfərov presents its new online photo gallery “School Bell” on the eve of a new academic year! The gallery photos generally cover 2 periods:

1) The war period

2) The post-war period




Elmar Mustafazadeh was born on October 25, 1980. In 2001, he graduated from the Faculty of International Economic Relations at Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.  Since 2009 he is dealing with the photography. Since 2010 he is a member of the Azerbaijani Association of Photographers