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Joint press conference of the Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev with his South Caucasian counterparts at the European Conference Center – Luxembourg, April 22, 1996

Question: Mr. Ter-Petrosian, why is it difficult for you to officially recognize Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity according to the principles of the UN and OCSE Armenia is also a member of? As known, it is the very obstacle for a joint declaration of three leaders of the South Caucasus.  What is your opinion on Kocharyan`s statements on granting Nagorno-Karabakh independence, which means establishment of the second Armenian state?

Statement by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Baki, May 12, 1995

Though Azerbaijan has been involved in the war by force and it has grave consequences, over 20 percent of its territory has been occupied and it has over million Azerbaijani internally displaced persons who have been banished from their native lands, it always supports the elimination of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict through political solutions.

Statement of the Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev at the meeting of US State Secretary Collin Powel and the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia, co-chairmen of the Minsk Group of OSCE – Key-West city, April 3, 2001

Highly esteemed State Secretary of the United States Mr. Powell!

Esteemed co-chairpersons of the Minsk Group!

Esteemed participants of the meeting!

Esteemed representatives of mass media!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Mr. State Secretary, first of all, I want to express my gratitude for your invitation to pay a visit to the United States. I thank the government of the United States, authorities of Key West and the organizers of this meeting for hospitality and created convenient conditions for our work here.