Having been inspired by the victory of the Iranian- Russian war (1826-1828), on June 14, 1828 Paskevich troops attacked Western Anatolia with an army of 12,000 soldiers by crossing the Arpachai river near Gumru and seized the Kars Castle on June 23.


Scotland Liddle, an English military journalist, who visited South Caucasus, namely Karabakh and Zengazur in 1919 wrote: “The Armenians are miserable for they have Dashnaktsutyun in power.” This terrorist revolutionary organization has long been provoking the Armenians against the Muslims. After receiving a hard blow by the Muslims, the Armenians then try to earn international sympathy towards the “oppressed Armenians”… And they gain that undeserved sympathy thanks to skillful, systematic agitation .”

The scenario of the massacres that were committed against Azeri Turks at the beginning of 20th century in Caucasus, especially in the area of present Armenia, was based on the experience that Armenians gained at the end of 19th century in South Anatolia.

Armenian nationalists strongly desiring the Azerbaijani lands have waged secret and open wars for the “Armenia without Turks”, having pursued genocidal policies against the Azerbaijani Turks committed crimes and atrocities, massacres and vandalism unprecedented in history, to realize their crafty and adventurist intentions.

“On November 15 starting from 16:15 to 04:30 on November 16, the Armenian armed forces units from the positions in the direction of the Azizli, Zarkand, Ashaghi Shorzha, Dara, Goysu, and Pambak settlements of the Basarkechar district, Chinarli, Mosesgekh, Yukhari Mehrab, Aygepar and Gulali settlements of the Shamshaddin district, as well as Jil settlement of the Chambarak district using various caliber weapons subjected to intensive fire the Azerbaijan Army positions in the direction of the Yellija and Barmagbina settlements of the Kalbajar district, Galakand, Daryurd, Novoivanovka, Garavalilar settlements of the Gadabay district, Aghbulag, Aghdam, Garalar, Gosha, Kokhanabi, Hajally, Alibayli and Asrik Jirdakhan settlements of the Tovuz district, as well as Kohnegishlag settlement of the Aghstafa district, Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan told AZERTAC.

“Military units of the armed forces of Armenia violated ceasefire 30 times throughout the day in various directions of the front, using sniper rifles,” Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Defense said in a statement.