Martyrs and witnesses web portal presents photos selected from the archive of the Azerbaijan Photographers Union captured during the events occurred in January 20–22, 1990.

Photographers: Oleq Litvin, Mirnaib Hasanoglu, Shahvalad Ayvazov, Asim Talib, Farid Khayrulin, Tahir Jafarov, Farid Mammadov, Rauf Umud

From the series of “Shusha is the city of corps”

Photographer: Yuliya Vishnevetskaya

Yuliya visnevestkaya

Yuliya Vishnevetskaya graduated from Philology faculty of Moscow State University, her major was german language and literature. She worked as a translator in and vesti new agencies for a long time. Meanwhile, she functioned as a photo correspondent in website. Yuliya wrote reviews and articles for “Ekspert” magazine.
Yuliya has been working as a correspondent of “Russkiy reportyor” magazine since 2007. She took the album “Shusha is the city of corps” in 2005.



We will be back! Kalbajar web portal presents photos of displaced people from Kalbajar selected from the archive of The Union of Azerbaijan’s Photographers. Photographers: Khalid Asgarov and Ilgar Jafarov

Abandoned from Kalbajar. Photographer: Khalid Asgarov
Abandoned from Kalbajar. Photographer: Khalid Asgarov



Elmar Mustafazadeh was born on October 25, 1980. In 2001, he graduated from the Faculty of International Economic Relations at Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.  Since 2009 he is dealing with the photography. Since 2010 he is a member of the Azerbaijani Association of Photographers