White phosphorus bomb fired by Armenians found in Askipara village in Tartar


“The Armenian armed forces are using ammunition and weapons prohibited by international conventions as they are committing provocations against Azerbaijani residential areas and civilian population,” Mustajab Niyarov, officer at the Chemical Service of Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Defense, has told AZERTAC. He said that on May 10 Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) found an unexploded ordnance in the frontline village of Askipara, Tartar. “This was a 122mm 3.6kg (P-4, the elemental form of phosphorus used in smoke munitions) mortar bomb, the use of which was prohibited by international conventions. Such bombs have a blast radius of 15-20 metres and create a white toxic cloud, which poses a serious threat for all living organisms.” “White phosphorus ignites spontaneously on contact with air. The autoignition temperature for white phosphorus is 34°C, which can reach 900-1200°C when burning.” “White phosphorus results in painful chemical burn injuries,” he said.

An officer of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan died

1462773090_6000-1On May 8 despite the efforts of military physicians in Main Military Hospital of Armed Forces the officer of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan captain Savalanov Najmeddin Akif oglu is died due to the wounds gotten during the battle action in the beginning of April.
The command of Ministry of Defence expresses its deep commiseration to the relatives and familiars of shahid (martyr)!

Representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan visit frontline


Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has organized a visit of representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country to the frontline zone in order to familiarize them with the consequences of damage caused to the civilian population in the wake of the Armenian armed forces’ shelling the residential areas.