The Armenian Church moved to Echmiadzin from Cilicia in XV century. The tsarist Russia wanted to create an enclave of the Christian states in the Caucasus in the nineteenth century. At that time the Georgian kingdom still existed.

…Armenian chauvinists, with the help of the allied imperialist forces and the extreme reactionary Gen Denikin, still cherish an illusion that has become a criminal idea of creating a “Great Armenia” in its historical areas from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean made up of seven provinces.

Turkish and Azerbaijani people are one nation and the crimes against humanity committed in Azerbaijan’s Khojaly city are also a crime against Turkey, chairman of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mustafa Sentop said in an exclusive interview with Trend on Dec. 18.

It cannot be named resettlement, will tell more correctly – reprisal. It, this resettlement, occurred thus. The Armenian Diaspora, having taken advantage of an opportunity when in 1943 three states at the Teheran conference discussed the Soviet and Iranian attitudes, has addressed to V. Molotov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, with the request to resolve resettlement in the USSR the Armenians living in Iran.

28 years have passed since Malibeyli and Gushchular villages of Azerbaijan`s Shusha district were occupied. 

“Military units of the armed forces of Armenia violated ceasefire 22 times throughout the day in various directions of the front, using large-caliber machine guns and sniper rifles,” Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Defense said in a statement.