According to article 15 of the Turkmanchay Treaty signed on February 10, 1828 the Armenian people living in Iran were given the right to enter Russia freely as members of the Empire.

Up to the Russian occupations at the beginning of the 19th century the overwhelming majority of the population of the Iravan Khanate were Azerbaijani-Turks.

Upon establishment of three sovereign republics i.e. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in Transcaucasia the latter receiving independence for the first time during 1500 years ignored discussion in the international organizations of a question of disputable territories, specifications of the inter-republican borders, possessed by old ideas of creation of Great Armenia due to the Azerbaijan and Georgian grounds, has entered to the war with this purpose both with Azerbaijan and with Georgia.

Armenian nationalists strongly desiring the Azerbaijani lands have waged secret and open wars for the “Armenia without Turks”, having pursued genocidal policies against the Azerbaijani Turks committed crimes and atrocities, massacres and vandalism unprecedented in history, to realize their crafty and adventurist intentions.

Der Hauptgrund, warum der Waffenstillstand 25 Jahre lang nicht zu einem dauerhaften Frieden führen konnte, ist die Fortsetzung der Besatzungspolitik Armeniens.

Azerbaijan`s Defense Ministry has said the Armenian armed forces continue to violate the ceasefire regime. “Military units of the armed forces of Armenia violated ceasefire 28 times throughout the day in various directions of the front,” the ministry said in a statement.