khojaly genocide

From the appeal of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev to the families of the victims of Khojaly genocide – March 1, 1994

…On February 26, 1992, the world witnessed an unparalleled ferocity in the town of Khojaly. The Armenian military forces destroyed Khojaly which was in siege for months. The helpless civilians were brutally massacred. They did not pity the infants, the old, women and children. Khojaly genocide committed against the Azerbaijani people is an unparalleled act of ferocity in the history of mankind with its brutality and anti-humanism. It is also a crime against to the whole mankind…


Sudanese Parliament recognizes Khojaly Genocide


The Parliament of the Republic of Sudan has recognized the bloody events happened in Azerbaijan’s Khojaly town in 1992 as genocide, department head of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Hikmet Hajiyev said at a press conference today, APA reports.

Khalid Asgarov – Unfair War

Photographer: Khalid Asgarov


Khalid Asgarov was born in 1961 in Baku. Initially he graduated Baku Slavic University, later he entered Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. He has worked as a  photo-correspondent of Reuters news agency in Karabakh, Abkhazia, Chechnya,  and Tajikistan. He has taken photos for different photo albums, magazines and publications.  Currently, Khalid Asgarov lives in Canada.