Armenian state


When you start investigating the historical roots of Armenia’s aggressive and predatory war against Azerbaijan, certain aspects of Armenian history must be taken into account. This aggressive policy arose from the kernel of Armenian history. 

A. Mikoyan describes the idea of “Great Armenia” as criminal

…Armenian chauvinists, with the help of the allied imperialist forces and the extreme reactionary Gen Denikin, still cherish an illusion that has become a criminal idea of creating a “Great Armenia” in its historical areas from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean made up of seven provinces.

Issue of Armenia’s formation and the transfer of Irevan to Armenians


Despite the fact that the South Caucasus Sejm, which was established in Tbilisi on 23 February 1918 as the supreme authority of the region, was considering itself a part of Russia, it did not want to accept the Bolshevik leadership, and therefore refused to adhere to certain articles of the Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaty concerning the Caucasus, which was signed by Soviet Russia.