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Did Stalin stop territorial claims of Armenia against Azerbaijan?


Armenians attempted to prove in the academic works and monographs published since the 80th years of XX century in Armenia that as if Stalin gave Nagorny Karabakh and Nakhchivan that were considered as Armenian lands by them to the Azerbaijan SSR at the 20th years of XIX century.

When Russian armies invaded Armenian subjects of the khans acted as spies.


Armenian actions against their Muslim overlords began during the Russian advance into the Eastern Caucasus khanates (principalities) in 1796. These khanates, although nominally under Persian rule, were in fact ruled by local lords (khans). Their populations were mainly Turkish, with large communities of other Muslims and Armenians. When Russian armies invaded Armenian subjects of the khans acted as spies. For example, Armenians delivered the plans of the water supply of Derbend to the Russians, allowing the city to be taken.

English military journalist about Armenians and Dashnaks


Scotland Liddle, an English military journalist, who visited South Caucasus, namely Karabakh and Zengazur in 1919 wrote: “The Armenians are miserable for they have Dashnaktsutyun in power.” This terrorist revolutionary organization has long been provoking the Armenians against the Muslims. After receiving a hard blow by the Muslims, the Armenians then try to earn international sympathy towards the “oppressed Armenians”… And they gain that undeserved sympathy thanks to skillful, systematic agitation .”

The “Soviet period” of Armenian claims ( Armenian claims in the “Soviet period”

The political situation changed in the region when Russia retook control over the South Caucasus.  And the new condition was characterized as a  so-called restoration of Russian Empire and elimination of independence attributes .Moscow government incorporated  the South Caucasian republics into the empire  under the right  to  a formal autonomy. In this case, a factual control of the area was more important for the “union republics”. Russia was more interested in christian Armenia and Georgia’s control over more territories and Georganization and Armenization of these areas.

Can Armenians claim for Hayasa?

One of the sources for those who intend to attach antiquity to the history of modern Armenians is the northern province of Hayasa – the XIV century BC state of Hittites.

How was Yerevan ceded to Armenia?

The historical land of Azerbaijan Yerevan was ceded to Armenia on May 29, 1918. How and why was it ceded to Armenia? will present the details on the dramatic time of the new history of Azerbaijan to the readers in upcoming days.