A single day in the refugee camp

Photographer- Elnur Babayev

fotoqraf Elnur Babayev

The album “a single day in the refugee camp” consists of the photos taken in 1996 of refugees settled in the tent camps in Imishli and Saatli districts. The refugees from Jabrayil, which had been occupied by Armenian armed forces, were settled in these camps. It is worth to note that, in the framework of the government-program during 2003-2008, all refugee camps were eliminated.

Photos presented by are taken from the archive of the Union of Azerbaijan’s Photographers.

We will be back

Photographer: Khalid Asgharov

KA photo

Photos belong to the archive of the Union of Azerbaijan’s Photographers.

Khalid Asgarov – Unfair War

Photographer: Khalid Asgarov


Khalid Asgarov was born in 1961 in Baku. Initially he graduated Baku Slavic University, later he entered Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. He has worked as a  photo-correspondent of Reuters news agency in Karabakh, Abkhazia, Chechnya,  and Tajikistan. He has taken photos for different photo albums, magazines and publications.  Currently, Khalid Asgarov lives in Canada.  



Photographer: Vugar Ibadov 

Vugar Ibadov(AFB)

Vugar Ibadov was born in 1978 in Baku. He cooperated with the information agencies, such as Reuters, A PTN, AFP, and Cihan News Agency. He worked in SOY production, Samanyolu, Lider TV, Baku bureau of TRT and Anadolu Agency. In 2008 Vugar attended the competition of “News outlook of the Year” held by the Turkish news cameramen group in 2008.  He worked as an official photographer within the Eurovision working group in Eurovision Song Contest held in 2012 in Azerbaijan. In 2012 he was awarded with the prize of “Press Photojournalist” in the competition of “the Photographer of the Year” by the Union of Azerbaijani Photographers in 2012. Currently, Vugar Ibadov works as a photo-reporter in Baku Media Center.


The Hostel where IDPs from Khojaly live


Photographer: Seljan Gurbanova 

selcan qurbanova

Seljan Gurbanova was born in 1994 in Baku. She graduated from the Gymnasium of Art, department of descriptive and applied art. Currently, she studies graphic design at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art. Seljan loves art and photography. Currently, she works in “Icharishahar” State Historical Architectural Reserve as a photographer.