When you start investigating the historical roots of Armenia’s aggressive and predatory war against Azerbaijan, certain aspects of Armenian history must be taken into account. This aggressive policy arose from the kernel of Armenian history. 



On the origin of the Armenians


Speaking about the origin of the Armenians, there is a need to shed light on “Armenian”, “Armenia”, “Hay”, “Hayastan” ethno-toponyms. It is known that the Armenians identify themselves with “Hay” ethnonym and with “Hayastan” toponym, the coun¬try of their residence. Outside Armenia, these people are known as “the Armenians”, “Armenin”, “Vir¬men” etc, and “Armenia”, “Armeniya”, “Virmeniya” and so on as the country.

Did Stalin stop territorial claims of Armenia against Azerbaijan?


Armenians attempted to prove in the academic works and monographs published since the 80th years of XX century in Armenia that as if Stalin gave Nagorny Karabakh and Nakhchivan that were considered as Armenian lands by them to the Azerbaijan SSR at the 20th years of XIX century.

When Russian armies invaded Armenian subjects of the khans acted as spies.


Armenian actions against their Muslim overlords began during the Russian advance into the Eastern Caucasus khanates (principalities) in 1796. These khanates, although nominally under Persian rule, were in fact ruled by local lords (khans). Their populations were mainly Turkish, with large communities of other Muslims and Armenians. When Russian armies invaded Armenian subjects of the khans acted as spies. For example, Armenians delivered the plans of the water supply of Derbend to the Russians, allowing the city to be taken.