‘Arrival’ of armenians

The Armenians and the Southern Caucasus until XVIII Century

As a branch of the Phrygians, the ancestors of the present Armenians migrated from the Balkans to the upper basin of the Euphrates River first in VII-VI centuries BC, later they moved northwards and ultimately found a new homeland around the Lake Van.

Scholars denounced the Armenian falsehood

Although Armenians, who realized their wills under the patronage of Russia, were not the local inhabitants of the Caucasus, they did all tricks and intrigues in order to settle in this ancient and rich territory.

Policy of resettlement of Armenians to the Northern Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has a statehood history of more than five thousand years. A thousand years of three millennia, beginning from Mannea – our first centralized state, are considered as a period of independent states, and two thousand years as a period of occupations.

The Christian History of Karabakh

In ancient times, Karabakh was a part of the ancient Azerbaijan state-Caucasian Albania, which mostly consisted of Turks and Caucasian tribes.