Armenians about themselves

tk ermeniler kendileri hakkinda

In 1883, 15,992 people out of 18,766 in Erivan were Azerbaijanis, while 23,626 out of 27,246, i.e. 85,2% of the entire city population in 1866.

The concession of Irevan to the Armenians

The decision of the  Azerbaijani National Council about compromising the city of Irevan as a political center to the Armenians (1918, the 29th May). After the collapse of Southern Caucasian  Seym(1918,the 26th May) the Armenian National Council declared the establishment of the Armenian Republic(Ararat) in Tbilisi. The meeting of the Azerbaijani National Council was held in Tbilisi on the 29th May, 1918.