‘Arrival’ of armenians

On the “Building” Inscription of the Tsavkisi Church

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Tsavkisi is located in Didgori region of Tbilisi, on the slope of the south-eastern branch of Trialeti ridge, at the height of 900 m above sea level [Gigineishvili, 1987: 285]. According to the data of 2002 Tsavkisi is inhabited by 1199 permanent residents. [Georgian…2003:203]

Paskevich: “The majority of migrants, especially the poor, tend to Karabakh…”


One of the main objectives of the resettlement of the Armenians from Iran was to “christianize” the Azerbaijani province of Russia or rather “armenianize” it. In order to determine a new “administrative structure” for the Transcaucasia in the early 30s of XIX century senators P .I. Kutaysov and Y. I. Mechnikov visited this region.

Armenians about themselves

1  Qafqazda Osmanlılara qarşı vuruşan və girdikləri məhəllələrdə vəhşiliklər törədən Hınçaq erməni könüllü dəstələrindən bir qrup (İzk qəzeti 2 mart 1915)

Dashnak agents of the Armenian government are trying to incorporate Karabakh into Armenia. It is aimed at depriving the Karabakh population from life source related to Baku and connecting never existing ties to Yerevan. In the 5th congress the Armenian peasants decided to recognize Azerbaijan and join her.”

Anastas Mikoyan. Letter dated 22.05.1919 to V. I. Lenin.