Genocides of azerbaijanis

Khojaly genocide is a crime against the mankind

Ilqar ceferov 2

The policy of genocide and aggression has been pursued by the Armenian nationalists against our people for more than two hundred years. This policy was aimed at driving the Azerbaijanis out of their lands and creating Greater Armenia, a fiction of the Armenian historians and ideologists. In order to implement their offensive and dangerous policy, they have used different ways and means, including the falsification of history, political provocations supported at the state level, aggressive nationalism, separatism, and aggression against the neighboring nations, “national-cultural”, religious, political, and even terrorist organizations established both in Armenia and in other countries, and they mobilized forces of the Armenian diaspora and lobby. 

During the bloody events of 1918, along the Azerbaijanis, about 3 thousand Jews were brutally killed.


… Turkic people have been suffering from the physical and moral terror, occupation and massacre policy of Armenian extreme nationalists for over 100 years. To justify their territorial claims against neighboring countries and their policy of ethnic cleansing, the Armenian extreme nationalists refer to the so called genocide allegedly committed by Ottoman Empire in 1915. In fact, the researchers, including European scholars, who are loyal to scientific truth, have already proved that no Armenian genocide had ever occurred. The product of ill imagination, the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’ is based on forged documents. Although the Ottoman period archives were opened in Turkey and everyone, including Armenian scholars and politicians were invited to study the historical documents dated the early 20th century, the Armenian side refused the proposal, thus, showing the real ambitions of those who claim the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’.

Bearing Witness


Palm to palm, we sat and listened as her mother spoke, bearing witness to a narrative both familiar and new. A young woman, woken from her home in the middle of the night, forced to march through the icy woods with no idea where she was going. Wandering into a terrifying darkness with no end in sight. Pummeled by bullets, ripped apart from her family, forced to play dead.