Policy of resettlement of Armenians to the Northern Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has a statehood history of more than five thousand years. A thousand years of three millennia, beginning from Mannea – our first centralized state, are considered as a period of independent states, and two thousand years as a period of occupations.

The Christian History of Karabakh

In ancient times, Karabakh was a part of the ancient Azerbaijan state-Caucasian Albania, which mostly consisted of Turks and Caucasian tribes.

Resettlement of Armenians from Turkey

Having been inspired by the victory of the Iranian- Russian war (1826-1828), on June 14, 1828 Paskevich troops attacked Western Anatolia with an army of 12,000 soldiers by crossing the Arpachai river near Gumru and seized the Kars Castle on June 23.

Resettlement of Armenians from Iran

According to article 15 of the Turkmanchay Treaty signed on February 10, 1828 the Armenian people living in Iran were given the right to enter Russia freely as members of the Empire.