Policy of resettlement of Armenians to the Northern Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has a statehood history of more than five thousand years. A thousand years of three millennia, beginning from Mannea – our first centralized state, are considered as a period of independent states, and two thousand years as a period of occupations.

The Christian History of Karabakh

In ancient times, Karabakh was a part of the ancient Azerbaijan state-Caucasian Albania, which mostly consisted of Turks and Caucasian tribes.

Resettlement of Armenians from Turkey

Having been inspired by the victory of the Iranian- Russian war (1826-1828), on June 14, 1828 Paskevich troops attacked Western Anatolia with an army of 12,000 soldiers by crossing the Arpachai river near Gumru and seized the Kars Castle on June 23.