Armenians, who were relocated to Azerbaijan from Turkey, were settled to houses vacated from Azerbaijanians

According to Article 13 of the Treaty of Adirna, the Armenians in the occupied territories of Turkey were entitled to pass into Russian administration, together with their movable property, within 18 months. The retreat of Russian troops from Kars, Ardahan, Bayazid, Erzurum and other districts put the Armenians who had betrayed the Turks during military operations in a difficult position. The Commandant’s Office of the Russian troops decided to relocate Turkish Armenians to the newly occupied Azerbaijani lands, just like the Iranian Armenians, thus ensuring that Armenians were the majority nation in the areas bordering on Turkey. With this in mind, General Paskevich wrote a report to Emperor Nicolas I on 10 October 1829, asking for permission to relocate 10 thousand Armenians living in Erzurum and Kars to Georgia and the “Armenian province”.

The Christian History of Karabakh

In ancient times, Karabakh was a part of the ancient Azerbaijan state-Caucasian Albania, which mostly consisted of Turks and Caucasian tribes.

Nagorno-Karabakh: basis and reality of Soviet-era legal and economic claims used to justify the Armenia-Azerbaijan war

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