Shahvalad Ayvazov- Broken fates

Photographer- Shahvalad Ayvazov 


The photo-reporter with Azeri roots was born in 1956 in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. Having graduated from high school in 1974, he served in the Soviet Army for two years. In 1977 he started his career as a photo-reporter in the Georgia Newspaper. In 1983 Shahvalad completed his studies at the Tbilisi State University on the jouranlism discipline. From 1980 to 1994 he was employed by the Georgian State Telegraph Agency as a photo-reporter. Since 1992 Shahvalad has been working for America’s Associated Press Agency as a photo-reporter in charge of the Caucasus Region.

Martyrs and witnesses web portal presents photos selected from the archive of the Azerbaijan Photographers Union captured during the events occurred in January 20–22, 1990.

Photographers: Oleq Litvin, Mirnaib Hasanoglu, Shahvalad Ayvazov, Asim Talib, Farid Khayrulin, Tahir Jafarov, Farid Mammadov, Rauf Umud

Civilians on the Frontline

Photographer: Famil Mahmudbeyli was born in 1979, in Baku. As his ages of adolescence fell on the years of war years, in 1992, when he was 13 years old, he went to the front. Being a volunteer, he was helping the soldiers, carrying weapons and ammunition in the military unit located in Aghdam. Since that time he took interest in photography and video operating. At the age of 15 he began to work as a decorator in Azerbaijan State Television, then as an operator and montage. Since 2007 he worked as a professional operator, and since 2012 was engaged in filming as a photographer in frontlines and other territories of Azerbaijan.

Unresolved Dreams


Photographer: Ed Kashi 


Ed Kashi, who lives in New-York, is one of the prominent photographers of the world. He has worked in different media institutions, such as “National Geographic”, “Newsweek”, “Time” and “New York Times”. Ed Kashi, co-finder of “VII Photo” organization, is famous for his photos taken in conflict and famine zones. In 2013, photojournalist, who was in Azerbaijan, demonstrated his documentary photos dedicated to the daily life of people, who were forced from their native lands as a result of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and has been living as IDPs for 20 years, within the framework of “Unresolved Dreams” project.

Elnur Babayev Life in cars

fotoqraf Elnur Babayev

The following photos presented by are taken from the archive of the Azerbaijan Photographers Association.

Internally displaced persons settled in a railway station, Sabirabad district. 1995-1996